David Dimitri

David Dimitri is internationally acclaimed for his unique style of tight wire dancing.
Combining an education at the State Academy for Circus Arts in Budapest with intensive dance studies at New York’s renowned Julliard School, David Dimitri has created virtuoso wire dances celebrated at circuses, arts festivals, and concert halls throughout the world – Canada’s Cirque du Soleil, New York’s Big Apple Circus, the Swiss National Circus Knie, and the Metropolitan Opera under the direction of Jean-Pierre Ponelle, to name a few.

In 2001 David Dimitri’s remarkable performing career took on an added dimension. With the invaluable assistance of his father, the famed Swiss clown Dimitri, he created his one man show “ONE-MAN CIRCUS,” a sparkling presentation of Nouveau Cirque, both intimate and compelling, performed in a touring circus tent designed and built for the production.

David Dimitri has been a guest artist at such prominent festivals as Spoleto Festival USA in Charleston, South Carolina; Lincoln Center Festival New York; Just pour Rire, Montreal, Jeux de Piste, Strasbourg, and the Avignon Festival. David Dimitri has also performed on Broadway, at the New Victory Theater.

In addition, he is never far from the high wire – most memorably when he christened the new Frankfurter Waldstadium with a spectacular crossing. David Dimitri is in the early planning stages for an extraordinary high wire walk, crossing the entire city of Salzburg, Austria.

L'homme CIRQUE

Just imagine an entire circus show performed by one man only!

The man – “avec un talent fou” (“the talent of a mad man,” – Maurice Béjart) – attempts to demonstrate the most daring of all circus performances. “L’homme Cirque”, is an innovative combination of acrobatics, music and dance, performed by famous Swiss circus artist, David Dimitri who is also known as the “Lord of the Wire” (New York Times).

Everything the audience sees is authentic and performed by David alone. Several of his stunts are incredibly daring and could go wrong at any time, putting this Circus Man in some very precarious situations. But he is wonderfully skilled and manages to prevail, time and again.

The show is at times poetic, sometimes hilariously funny, even reminding one of the charm’s of Charlie Chaplin, but most of all, it is incredibly gripping.

You’ll have trouble containing your nerves as you’re on the edge of your seat when David Dimitri performs the Human Canon Ball act, catapulting himself from one end of the big top circus tent to the other, propelled by his self-made human canon.

Then, he gets up quietly on his inclined high wire and leaves the tent, balancing on a thin cable, exiting through the roof of the big top. He keeps walking higher and higher into the sky….

L’homme Cirque was created in 2007. It has been touring regularly in America, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, Holland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia, Romania, Spain, Austria and most extensively in France.