Just imagine an entire circus show performed by one man only!

The man – “avec un talent fou” (“the talent of a mad man,” – Maurice Béjart) – attempts to demonstrate the most daring of all circus performances. “L’HOMME CIRQUE”, the title of the show, is an innovative combination of acrobatics, music and dance, performed by David Dimitri the “Lord of the Wire” (New York Times).
Everything the audience sees is real. Several of his stunts are incredibly daring and could go wrong at any time, putting this Circus Man in some very precarious situations. But he is wonderfully skilled and manages to prevail, time and again.

The show is at times poetic, sometimes hilariously funny, but most of all, incredibly gripping. You’ll have a difficult time containing your nerves when David Dimitri performs the Human Canon Ball act, catapulting himself from one end of the big top circus tent to the other, propelled by his self-made human canon.

Then, he gets up quietly on his inclined high wire and leaves the tent, balancing on a thin cable, exiting through the roof of the big top. He keeps walking higher and higher into the sky….
* L’HOMME CIRQUE was created in 2007. It has been touring in North Carolina, Holland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia and most extensively in France.

13 – 19 June
29 Sept. – 2 October
22 - 25 October
13 - 14 November
22 - 29 December
3 - 6 February
11 - 13 February
27 - 29 May
23 - 26 June
1 4 September